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“Freedom to a dancer means discipline. That is what technique is for – liberation.” - Martha Graham


Rize Dance Technique was developed to offer Dance Instructors an online resource for student training. We provide training programs, playlists and critiques to enhance your students' growth & artistic development. 


There are four genres of programs offered:

Ballet, Technique, Acrobatics & Flexibility.


Within these genres are four levels based on ability rather than ages:

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Pre-Pro.

Each Program Includes:

A Powerpoint Download that Includes the Progressions, Corresponding Videos, and a Link to a Spotify Playlist for that class. 


- Technique Progression Sample -


Song: Boys 

Battement Front 1-2, Battement Front 3-4, Développé Side 5-6, Développé Penché 7-8.  2 Piqué Turns, Switch Legs to Turn in Á La Second 2x Pulling in on the Second One for a Multiple Turn. 



I developed Rize for all Dance Teachers who are eager to keep learning, to be inspired by something new, and who are searching for the next challenge for their students. I hope it helps you to develop your own philosophy and program that works for your community of dancers. 

~Gabriella Fucillo, Creator

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